Hi, and welcome to AMatterofCents.com. My name is Sarah and I write about money. One of the biggest challenges today, is understanding financial matters. Schools do not teach personal finance and our parents, for the most part knew enough to get by, did not educate us on money and how best to handle things. So join me in reading and understanding money in todays world around us! I will make it simple to understand and answer questions as well! 

I attended Indiana University and graduated with a degree in Finance and a specialization in Accounting. You'd think that means I am great with money!? But really, accounting has to do with buckets not money, and finance isn't taught for personal use, but for corporate use. I've worked as an accountant and as an analyst. The difference between the two: in accounting you think inside the predetermined box the company has set up and analytics challenges you to think outside of the box and come up with new ways to look at the same information.

I currently own and operate a Wine and Canvas franchise in Sioux Falls. We opened in 2013 and when we opened our brick and mortar location we became #4th/5th out of all the franchises in the nation for 2014 & 2015. We attempted to open a second franchise, but with a complicated pregnancy we were not able to drive the business 600 miles away, so we are recovering from a flop in the business world and are looking for 2017 to be a better year! 

I started Finance Consulting this year, and find that it gives me a different perspective on how to handle different situations when it comes to businesses and personal finances. Helping clients achieve their financial goals has been challenging and rewarding! I've always provided financial advice, but now I'm finally getting paid for it!

My husband owns and operates a security business that his grandfather started in 1950. Having two entrepreneurs in the house makes for a lot of crazy hours, and every meal consisting of a lot of business talk. We get to bounce a lot of ideas off of each other and this gives us each a great opportunity to improve our business strategies. 

We have a toddler, Michael; a 10 year old english bulldog, Gambler; and a 4 year old tuxedo cat, Dempsey. Life keeps us pretty busy! 

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